• Remove existing walls and reconfigure to create an open-plan layout

  • Add walls to create new rooms

  • Loft, basement and garage conversions

  • Create indoor/outdoor flow to living and entertaining areas

  • Modernise and customise to suit your personal style and home-life

As alteration specialists, we have the expertise to reveal the potential in your home and help you to see the big picture and what's possible with your property.  It's our aim to make sure that you are as stress-free as possible during your entire alteration and ensure that you're kept up to date with every step of your build.  We do this by giving you 24-hr online access to our project management system.  This gives you complete insight of your alteration and gives you time to make decisions on any upcoming variations that could pop up.  Not only that, our quality assurance checklist makes sure that nothing is missed on your alteration, and gives us the ability in guaranteeing you a top-quality, finished project.


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